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Geothermal Services

Maintenance, Repair & Installation

Bard Geothermal Systems

With rising costs and environmental concerns, energy efficiency is more important than ever. At Bard, we believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice comfort or reliability for efficiency. The answer lies in Bard’s innovative geothermal heat pump systems. They’re not only extremely efficient, but they also deliver the quiet comfort and rugged reliability Bard is known for. So now, you really can have it all with geothermal heat pump systems from Bard.

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Geothermal systems tap the energy in the earth’s surface to heat and cool your home. It saves energy and benefits the environment by not relying on fossil fuels. Once installed, geothermal heat pump systems are extremely economical and efficient.

It works by installing a series of small pipes into the ground. Heat is then transferred to and from your home, providing an efficient, effective and safe method of year-round comfort.

New or Retrofit

Bard geothermal heat pumps are designed to fit both new construction and existing homes. Our modern systems can replace inefficient boilers and other traditional heating sources. It’s not only environmentally friendly, but it’s budget friendly, too, offering substantial cost savings once installed.

As more architects, developers and builders turn to environmentally friendly designs and materials for new homes, geothermal systems make more sense than ever. Geothermal provides both a smaller carbon footprint and a smaller architectural footprint. And when you choose Bard geothermal systems, you add in quiet comfort and rugged reliability, too.

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Which System is Right For You?

Bard has several reliable geothermal heat pump systems available so you can choose the configuration that meets your needs and best fits your home.

An Open Loop system draws water in and discharges it which exchanges heat. Choose it if you have a readily available source of ground water, such as a lake or well that has capacity to support the system

A Closed Loop system circulates a water and antifreeze solution through a closed loop of pipe. Choose a Closed Vertical Loop if space is limited. Choose a Closed Pond Loop if you have a pond with sufficient depth close to your home. If you have a ¼ to ¾ acre of available land around your home, a Closed Horizontal or Slinky Loop may be right for you.

Modern Technology Meets Old-fashioned Dependability

Geothermal technology doesn’t get any more dependable than Bard’s GEOTEC Heat Pump. Designed for easy serviceability, GEOTEC is the smart, environmentally friendly option for comfort you can rely on.


  • Delivers four to five times more energy than it consumes for greater efficiency and cost savings
  • Uses a non-ozone depleting refrigerant that’s safe for your home and the environment
  • Maximizes comfort by reducing heat cycling losses, saving energy and cutting operational costs
  • Quiet operation
  • Unique design makes installation easy and flexible with many configurations available

Barney's Heating & Air provides maintenance and repair to all makes and models of geothermal heat pumps.

We install industry leading geothermal heat pumps from Bard.